The Griffin & Wong North American sales and client service office is based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, and our sales team is active across the United States and Canada.

Please contact our Customer Service Director, Douglas Bray, at:

Tel: +1 (604) 724-3578

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Creating a Griffin & Wong room in your house involves a few straightforward choices on your part. The designs currently available can be painted on 44 different background colors. There is room to further customize the pieces to match your interior coloring schemes, as the painting team can work with almost any color from Benjamin Moore's color swatches.

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Douglas Bray in Vancouver, BC on HouzzDouglas Bray in Vancouver, BC on Houzz

About Griffin & Wong

About Griffin & WongThe Griffin & Wong design house was established in 2007, as a collaboration with descendants of the original Suchow Silk-Workers Craftsman Guild.  Tristan Wong leads the design side of the artisan team from the Shanghai atelier, while Douglas Bray coordinates North American and International client projects from the Griffin & Wong sales office in Vancouver.

The current Griffin & Wong collection consists of 30+ Chinoiserie and 11 Western Scenics designs which can be hand painted on a variety of coloured silk wallpaper backgrounds. We have played and expanded upon a number of our earlier themes, but remain true to the tradition of turn-of-the-century elegance as reflected in the graceful rooms of the Vanderbilt, Ringling and Huntington mansions.

The silk papers are hand painted by a small team of master craftsmen versed in this antique art, and after curing and finishing, the silk is then applied onto a robust wallpaper backing of the highest commercial grade. From the room dimensions you provide to us we scale the designs and tailor the panel sizing to best incorporate all the features of your walls. The effect created is one of warmth and elegance that is well suited for the most visited and cherished room of your home. Unique and non-repeating design work can extend upwards of 60 feet (sufficient for most rooms), and scale can also be extended for larger residences, boutique hotel suites or restaurants.

As our work is a tailored handmade product we need to work closely with you to create and translate your design vision. The unique and delicate designs we craft, can combine strikingly with the Western design elements of your house, to create a more nuanced and textured space. The end result we hope, will be a matching of Eastern refinement with Western joy of life, creating a home design that feels decidedly modern.

We look forward to working with you on your project!
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Douglas Bray in Vancouver, BC on HouzzDouglas Bray in Vancouver, BC on Houzz


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