The Griffin & Wong North American sales and client service office is based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, and our sales team is active across the United States and Canada.

Please contact our Customer Service Director, Douglas Bray, at:

Tel: +1 (604) 724-3578

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Creating a Griffin & Wong room in your house involves a few straightforward choices on your part. The designs currently available can be painted on 44 different background colors. There is room to further customize the pieces to match your interior coloring schemes, as the painting team can work with almost any color from Benjamin Moore's color swatches.

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Collections » Western Scenics

The Western Scenic designs add great historical texture and nuance to a room, and recreate the elegance of turn-of-the century Europe and Eastern Seaboard.

The Americas Project

South Pacific

Bay of Naples

Incan Empire


Chinese Procession


Paris Monuments

Belle Epoque

Mongin's Hindustan

Brasil Eden


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