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Creating a Griffin & Wong room in your house involves a few straightforward choices on your part. The designs currently available can be painted on 44 different background colors. There is room to further customize the pieces to match your interior coloring schemes, as the painting team can work with almost any color from Benjamin Moore's color swatches.

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Douglas Bray in Vancouver, BC on HouzzDouglas Bray in Vancouver, BC on Houzz
Emerson by Griffin & Wong

Collapsing Space with Black and Dark Blue

Designers typically shy away from darker wall-coverings, as there is the belief that darker tones can work to make a room feel smaller. The Asian interior esthetic has always centered on dark hardwood, with strong dashes of color at the margin, to build the intimacy and warmth. Through the years, our work in the darker shades seems to be increasing and, it dare seems, that it is a strong trend for interiors moving forward in 2015.

In all these projects below, it is a strong interplay of bright colors (pinks and blues and greens) on black and dark blue that really hit the mark at creating intimacy in a room, without compromising size presence. The spaces do not restrict, but can expand with the artful use of design colors. One recent project is a Summer Palace design done to our own Griffin & Wong brand colors of black and pink;

Summer Palace (panels)

Summer Palace (panels)

Griffin & Wong has also recently created a new design, Emerson, that shows a strong opposition of electric blue shades with black. This look works well for homes with a modern edge – and sets a chic tone in restaurants and nightclubs. It is the friction of bright tones on black that creates a charged, electric atmosphere, and collapses the attention to the space:

Emerson (panels)

A more relaxing and warm effect, can be created by working in warmer tones of green and coral to the mix – as we have done on a recent projects in the Kashgari line to dark blue and grey brown.

Kashgari (panels)

Kashgari (close-up)

Kashgari (single panel)

Here also is a quieter Bracken Cream design colorway on dark blue that shows the mid-sized magnolia blossoms of our Tara Magnolia design:

Tara Magnolia (installation)

Small touches of pink and orange in an embroidered plum or cherry blossom can also tame the collapsing flatness of a sombre black. The contrast in the Sabra design is created to allow the blossom shades to “pop” and share their vitality in the room.

Sabra (close-up)

Sabra (close-up)


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